GMAT and GRE Tests Move Online, with a push by Covid-19


Anybody looking to study an MBA will need to pass either a GMAT or a GRE test. With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing most educational institutions to close down, some for an indefinite period, these tests were put on hold.

Thankfully, you now have the option to sit these exams, at home, via the new online offering of both tests.

Here is some essential information about what to expect, how to prepare, and some news about the GMAT whiteboard issue.

Online tests

How and When Did the Prep Tests Get Online?

GRE At Home

These tests have been available to take online since March 27th, 2020. Currently, you can sit one anytime Friday through Monday. The total duration is 3 hours, 45 minutes. 

GMAT Online

The GMAT online test Has been available online since April 20th, 2020. This exam is open 7 days a week, 24/7. The Graduate Management Admission Council has chosen to remove the analytical writing component of the test, reducing the duration to 2 hours, 37 minutes.

How Does it Work in Practice?

Taking GRE At Home

Sit the test in front of a computer in a comfortable environment with no distractions. Windows version 7 and up is required, and Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers. 

Refreshments are not allowed during the entire time, and the test online is using Proctor U- a system that enables the testers to watch to students during the exam and prevent cheating from any kind or using a different person to take the exam for you. 

Notes can be made on paper with a transparent sheet protector or on a whiteboard both by an erasable marker.

Downtime includes 1-minute breaks between sections from the webcam, and an optional 10-minutes away from the computer after the final section.

The test is available worldwide except for students in Iran and Mainland China.

A bonus with GRE is that the test preview results (analytical writing excluded) are available immediately after the exam. Official scores appear online 10-15 days later.

Taking GMAT Online

GMAT can also be taken online from home. Windows 7 and up is required, and all browsers are compatible. You may drink water from a clear glass during the test. Notes can be made on a virtual or physical whiteboard with an erasable marker. The only time off is a 5-minute break before the last section.

The test is also available worldwide except Mainland China, Iran, North Korea, Slovenia, Sudan, and Cuba.

Results are sent via email 7 days after the exam.

GMAT Vs. GRE, What Is the Difference Between Them Online?

Which test is right for you will depend on where your strengths lie. If you have strong quantitative and analytical skills, like to solve complex problems, and are good at editing, then GMAT may be the better choice.

Those who struggle a little with math, but have a really extensive vocabulary may find the GRE is a better fit.

GMAT Online

GMAT has 3 sections:

  • Quant reasoning – 31 questions, over 62 minutes 
  • Verbal reasoning – 30 questions, over 65 minutes
  • Integrated reasoning – 12 questions, over 30 minutes

GRE At Home

GRE also has 3 sections: 

  • Quant reasoning – 40 questions,  over 70 minutes
  • Verbal reasoning – 40 questions, over 60 minutes
  • Analytical writing – two tasks, over 60 minutes

GMAT Whiteboard + GMAT Scratchpad

There was some controversy when the GMAT Online test first began that exam-takers had to use the virtual whiteboard and scratchpad provided. Many users complained that it was difficult to draw with the mouse.

The good news is that from June 11th, 2020, you now can either accept their virtual options or use a physical whiteboard with an erasable marker, or a combination of both.

Anyone who sat the test before that date and wishes to retake it can do so until July 17th, 2020. 

Some test-takers, however, have commented that with some practice of the virtual option prior to the exam, you actually save time, and they were found to be highly effective.


For anyone wishing to embark on an MBA, you can now sit for the entrance exams, GRE, or GMAT via the new online offerings. Since there are already online-based exam prep courses, it’s recommended to also prepare via one of the top online prep courses.  Check out our top10  for Gmat, and for GRE

Doing this kind of exam at home is different from how you’d do it in a controlled environment, so be sure to consider that and be well prepared before signing up.

This new way of taking these tests has been introduced during the Covid-19 situation, as physically attending schools is not an option in many locations yet. This is the current situation for the unforeseen future. whether it becomes the new normal remains to be seen.

If you weren’t aware that these prep-courses were an option, now you are. For more information or to book a test, get in touch or sign up for one of the top 10 prep courses.