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Learning Experience
Learning Experience:
Key Advantages: 'Scholaranium,' an analysis & rectification tool
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e-GMAT, founded in 2011, is the first prep course which focused on helping non-native-English test-takers. Thus, e-GMAT’s approach puts the spotlight on the verbal section. There is only a handful of prep courses like e-GMAT which offer students the option to purchase either a complete course or a single Verbal or Quant section. Students can even purchase only parts of the sections such as Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Integrated Reasoning. This modular approach can help save money for students who know they need assistance in only a specific section.

Moreover, e-GMAT seems to invest in screening its instructors and hires them on a full-time basis to ensure they are completely committed. e-GMAT offers an online prep-course or Live online prep-course.

While researching the ins and outs of standardized exams, we found -- when it comes to selecting test prep courses - most students have three criteria: 1. Higher Scores in minimal Learning Time 2. Price 3. Enjoyable Process. Our reviews will examine each prep course in accordance to how well it delivers on these three criteria

How does e-GMAT meet the criteria?

 Higher score in less time

Before students start using the e-GMAT system, there is a quick, but necessary, system guide which covers the interface and main features. Since e-GMAT prep-course mainly focused on non-natives, the verbal section starts with building a strong knowledge of English grammar. After a student passes a quick test covering basic material, the system will then focus on strategies to ace the GMAT Verbal section.

In the Quant section, an effort is made to help students crack the GMAT Quant section within 50 hours of preparation. However, unlike the Verbal section, the Quant section seems a little too brief. For students who need more help in this section, the e-GMAT course may not be suitable. The system presents increasing difficulty questions, simulating the real GMAT exam. Moreover, e-GMAT created the ‘Scholaraniu,’ an analysis and rectification tool. This tool aims to provide students a view on their weaknesses and help them to prepare by practicing more questions of a certain type. The ‘Scholaranium’ has the option of letting students choose between Easy, Medium and Hard questions. These questions are true to real-level GMAT questions.

During the learning process, the system provides students with access to a Q&A forum, where they can leave a question or see other students questions and answers. They will typically get a response within 1 business day.  

Price & Plans

e-GMAT plans are priced comfortably between $299-$499. e-GMAT is one of a small group of prep courses (such as examPAL & Magoosh) that are able to offer this price range. Students also get a seven-day free trial. The online prep course costs $299, includes 130+ video lessons hours, GMAT strategy and study plan support, 500+ practice questions, full-length practice tests, verbal and quant workshop, Verbal and quant Scholaranium and level 1 support through forums. The Live Online prep course costs $499 and includes all of the above plus additional 50+ Instructor Led Live Sessions hours, 50+ HD recordings and a Score Improvement Guarantee.

An enjoyable learning process

The course structure is very straightforward and breaks down through concepts in easy-to-understand videos and slides. The section modules are studied in a fun way and offers ideas and methods to solve the GMAT questions. No matter which e-GMAT package students choose, the system’s video and verbal instruction are excellent and clear with compatible animation.

The system’s user interface is seamless to navigate and the dashboard gives the students a real-time view of their progress.


  • The “Scholaranium”, an analysis and rectification tool
  • Verbal Workshops- tests which give the students detailed feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. conducted by the e-Gmat team
  • A student’s Q&A forum
  • Free webinar
  • Focused on helping non-native test-takers
  • Modular – purchase only the module you need
  • HD learning videos work even on slow internet connections
  • Full-time instructors for the premium package
  • Quant Section is limited in its capabilities
  • No adaptive technology
  • Only Q&A forum for student’s support
  • No option of 1 on 1 tutoring