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Learning Experience
Learning Experience:
Key Advantages: Complete mobile solution
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GMAT PILL is a test prep course company, founded by Zeke Lee, the author of “How To Ace The GMAT In 1 Month”. The company offers online GMAT prep courses. Their stated goal is helping their students to ace the GMAT within as little time as possible. GMAT PILL has six-course programs call ‘pills’. There is a ‘pill’ for each section of the GMAT real test:
SC Pill (Sentence Correction)
CR Pill (Critical Reasoning)
RC Pill (Reading Comprehension)
PS Pill (Problem Solving)
DS Pill (Data Sufficiency)
IR Pill (Integrated Reasoning)
Each Pill follows a natural method of learning retention, practice, and then mastery. GMAT PILL offers to purchase individual pills or any combination wanted.

While researching the ins and outs of standardized exams, we found -- when it comes to selecting test prep courses - most students have three criteria: 1. Higher Scores in minimal Learning Time 2. Price 3. Enjoyable Process. Our reviews will examine each prep course in accordance to how well it delivers on these three criteria

How does GMAT PILL meet the criteria?

Higher score in less time

The option to purchase only a specific “pill” is a great advantage for the learning time factor. Students can focus on their weaknesses and not spend precious time on a full course. However, not every student knows exactly what their real strengths and weaknesses are, so careful assessment is recommended. The GMAT PILL videos are easy to understand although they don’t seem ultra-modern. The GMAT PILL learning process begins with creating a strong foundation of the test materials, then it provides students with a study plan, so they will always know what are the targets in each step. This detailed plan keeps the student focused and aligned with a specific day’s goals. The GMAT PILL system keeps track of every question you answer and tells you how your performance stands in comparison to other students. This allows you to know how much more practice you should undertake.

Price & Plans

The GMAT PILL courses are priced at the $120-$437 range. The two fully online courses include 80+ hours (the full six ‘pills’), along with 1,000+ Q&A and a computer adaptive full-length test. In the $169 program, students will get access to the system for one month and in the $437 program students will get a lifetime access to all the system’s content and updates. If wanted, students can purchase only one ‘pill’, priced at $120.

An enjoyable learning process

GMAT PILL provides a complete mobile solution, which means you can study wherever and whenever you wish. The GMAT PILL app is easily installed, user-friendly and free. The student’s support is accessible and can be reached through Email Support & Q&A forums. However, in contrast with other online courses in the field, the GMAT PILL system is less modern and inclusive.


  • 100 % refund if you not satisfied with the course.
  • GMAT PILL Membership

  • Score guarantee
  • 24/7 email support
  • Cheaper than most online prep courses in the field
  • No free trial
  • No live lessons
  • No one-on-one tutoring
  • A little old-fashioned learning system