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Testmasters GMAT Review

Learning Experience
Learning Experience:
Key Advantages: In-depth curriculum
Professional Support:


Testmaster is a test prep courses company, providing live and online preparation for standardized tests, such as GMAT and GRE. The company was founded in 1991 by Robin Singh, a world record recipient of twelve perfect LSAT scores. Besides Live and online courses, Testmaster offers private tutoring packages.

While researching the ins and outs of standardized exams, we found -- when it comes to selecting test prep courses - most students have three criteria: 1. Higher Scores in minimal Learning Time 2. Price 3. Enjoyable Process. Our reviews will examine each prep course in accordance to how well it delivers on these three criteria

How does Testmasters meet the criteria?

Higher score in less time

Both courses, online and live, have an essential curriculum which gives students a solid foundation in the math, grammar, and logic skills tested on the GMAT. This curriculum focuses on techniques such as ‘how to understand the GMAT language’, ‘how to determine which concepts are being tested’ and ‘how to use basic math and English to solve even the most complex problems’. The courses provide a lot of questions, drills, quizzes, and interactive games to encourage participation. All Testmaster students are provided with extensive materials such as a personal set of real GMAT questions and 9 GMAT Paper Tests. 6 of this tests are taken as diagnostics throughout the course and give students important indication about their current level of performance, how they are progressing, and where they should focus their study time.

Another advantage is torturing– each Testmaster student is assigned to a GMAT tutor who offers guidance, monitors progress, and answers student’s questions. All Testmaster instructors are from the 98th percentile. In all programs, students also get three hours of private tutoring, available over the phone or online through the use of shared whiteboards, chat, and Skype.

Price & Plans

TestMasters courses are priced at a wide range of $150-$6,250. The online course, priced at $950, includes comprehensive lessons, three hours of Private Tutoring, a personal set of all real GMAT questions and nine full GMAT test. The live course costs $1,250, includes 60 class hours, three hours of private tutoring, a personal set of all real GMAT questions, nine full GMAT tests and an access to all online resources. The TestMasters tutoring costs $150– $6,250, is available on an hourly basis or in discounted packages of 10-hours, 25-hours, and 60-hour sessions. In the 60-hour package, called the ‘platinum package’ students also receive a complete set of the TestMasters GMAT course books including licensed use of all available real GMAT questions in existence, a full access to the TestMasters Online Resource Center and seven full-length, computer-adaptive GMAT diagnostics and computerized evaluations.

An enjoyable learning process

Testmaster online course goes beyond the traditional text-only format. The course includes videos, interactive games, animated whiteboard presentations and one-on-one tutorials, so students stay engaged and focused.


  • Three hours Tutoring included in all courses
  • A personal set of all real GMAT questions is included with each course
  • Hourly tutoring
  • A varied selection of tutoring- In person, online and telephonic
  • If you don’t live in an area where TestMasters provides in-person classes, you’re limited to the online course and private tutoring
  • No free trial
  • No score guarantee